Outpatient Services

Laboratory Test (Single) CPT Code Result Time Price
Complete Blood Count with Differential (CBCD) 85025 Routine $40
Complete Blood Count (CBC) 85027 30 Minutes $55
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) 80048 Routine $30
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) 80048 30 Minutes $45
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) 80053 Routine $40
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) 80053 30 Minutes $55
Hepatic Panel (LFT) 80076 Routine $40
Hepatic Panel (LFT) 80076 30 Minutes $55
Urinalysis - Routine (UA) 81001 Routine $20
Urinalysis - Routine (UA) 81001 30 Minutes $35
Urinalysis Culture (UAC) 87088 72-96 Hours $75
D-Dimer 85379 Routine $45
Uric Acid Level 84550 Routine $25
Urine Pregnancy Test- Qualatative (UAHCG) 81025 Routine $20
Urine Pregnancy Test- Qualatative (UAHCG) 81025 30 Minutes $35
Serum Pegnancy Test (Qualatative) 84703 Routine $30
Lactate Level (CG4) 82803/83605 30 Minutes $35
Lipase 83690 Routine $60
Lithium Level 80178 Routine $50
Phenytoin Total 80185 Routine $50
Valporic Acid Level 80164 Routine $50
Prothrombin Time with INR (PT-INR) 85730 Routine $35
Prothrombin Time with INR (PT-INR) 85730 30 Minutes $50
Department of Transprotation Drug Screen (DOT) 80101 72-96 Hours $275
Point of Care Laboratory Test (Single) CPT Code Result Time Price
Fingerstick Glucose 82962 30 Minutes $15
Urine Drug Screen (10 Panel) 80300 30 Minutes $55
Discounted Panels
Name of Panel Included Result Time Price
Nutrition Lab Panel CMP, CBC, Iron, Thiamine, Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc. 24-48 Hours $175
Pre-Operative Lab Panel CBC, CMP, RH Factor, PT INR, Trop-I, CKMB 12-24 Hours $175
STD Panel 1 (NAAT) GC, Chlamidia, Trich. 72-96 Hours $650
STD Panel 2 (NAAT) GC, Chlamidia, Trich, Herpes 72-96 Hours $750
Thyroid Panel TSH, FT3, FT4, T3 Uptake. 48-72 Hours $115

Outpatient Radiology Test

Study Notes Price
X-ray Any Single Extremity or Joint 2 views/3 views $75
Chest X-ray 1 View $115
Chest X-ray PA & LAT 2 Views $150
Ultrasound Pregnancy (Includes Lab) $650
CT Scan Chest W/ IV Contrast (Includes Lab) $650
CT Scan Chest w/o Contrast $500
CT Abd/Pelvis W/ Oral Contrast $600
CT Abd/Pelvis W/ IV & Oral Contrast (Includes Lab) $650
CT Abd/Pelvis w/o Contrast $550
Ultrasound RUQ $450
Ultrasound Abd $500

Other Outpatient Services

Test Why Price
Exercise Stress Test (CEMT) A physician may recommend an exercise stress test to: Diagnose coronary artery disease. Diagnose a possible heart-related cause of symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath or lightheadedness. Determine a safe level of exercise. $1,000
Peripherally Inserted Central Venous Cath (PICC) A peripherally inserted central catheter, or PICC line, is a central venous catheter. This type of catheter is typically tunneled under the skin through the arm, neck or chest. This type of services requires home health or infusion services colaboration for paitent safety. (Requires Physician Order) $750

*We provide high quality medical care and offer lower cash-pay prices to those patients that prefer to pay cash rather than file insurance claims.  If interested, please inquire with the billing staff.